Talent Strategy
Talent Strategy
Talent Concept
Salary and Benefits
Talent Growth
Talent Concept

YuceBio has always regarded human resources as the first asset of the company.
We attach great importance to the staff development and are committed to mutual growth of our company and staff.

Salary and benefits

The position determines the initial value and the performance assessment determines your actual value.

It is fair internally and competitive externally.


Five insurance and one fund (five mandatory insurances + one housing fund)

Paid leave (statutory holidays, marriage leave, bereavement leave, maternity leave, breastfeeding leave, nursing leave, annual leave, etc.)

Provide talent housing for those who qualify;

Provide working-age benefits, holiday gifts, birthday greetings, reimbursement of family visit expenses, etc.;

Reimbursement of examination fees for professional qualifications and academic improvement for those employed for more than one year;

Provide periodic medical check-ups, fitness activities (basketball, badminton, etc.) and fund for departmental team building;

Ensure household registration on company premises and related file transfer for eligible employees.

Talent growth

In addition to competitive salaries in the industry, we offer a comfortable and open office environment with an indoor gym, tea lounge, outdoor coffee bar, and basketball court, ensuring the greatest extent of work and life pleasure. The company attach great importance to talent development and each manager works with team members to develop their own IDP, helping them to complete their career breakthroughs here.

We have a three-year plan to build a learning organization, including regular reading sessions, systematic online and offline training sessions based on talent competence, and the talent development program of "Eagle Project". We have always invested a high level of resources in training and talent development.