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Scientific Research
Yuanzhi ladder
Meta Ladder Institute of Precision Cancer Medicine

The ladder for cancer moonshot is the first genomic cooperation plan specially initiated for tumor immunotherapy in China, which was jointly launched by Shenzhen Yuze Biotechnology Co., Ltd., together with Academician Zhan Qimin. Relying on the rich clinical resources of tumor immunotherapy, on the basis of a deep understanding of the interaction relationship between human immune system and tumor cells, with the help of genome research and bioinformatics big data analysis and artificial intelligence, the plan aims to promote the development and utilization of tumor immunotherapy specific antigen and biomarkers based on clinical data. The ladder plan is to provide auxiliary treatment decisions for scientists and doctors in clinical tumor treatment, provide credible target options for drug development, build a cooperative, mutually beneficial and win-win cancer "ladder", accelerate the clinical transformation of the latest tumor immunotherapy, and help realize the anti-cancer feat in China. The core goal of the ladder plan is to establish the first 3D tumor database of 10,000 people in China, which not only includes the relationship between gene mutations and tumor, but also the impact of tumor immune micro-environment on tumor, and finally links the data from three dimensions of tumor genome, tumor micro-environment and clinical treatment.

At present, there are 35 scientific research projects in the ladder plan, involving lung cancer, esophageal cancer, colorectal cancer, gastric cancer, liver cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, melanoma, sarcoma and other main research direction is to explore monomotherapy or biomarker. using genome, transcriptional, ctDNA and TCR data By the end of October 2020, the sample data collected 4600 +, including 2500,700 of gastric / esophageal cancer, 400 intestinal cancer, 300,300 melanoma, 300 renal, 200 nasopharyngeal cancers, 100 bile duct cancers, and 100 other species.

Big Data Platform for Ladder for Cancer Moonshot

Three platforms have been established for the Ladder for Cancer Moonshot, i.e. data analysis platform, data storage platform, and statistics display platform. To obtain multi-dimensional information, the data analysis platform analyses all-round NGS data of patients with cancer and follow-up data of clinical treatments associated with specific in-house biomarkers that are commonly used in tumor immunotherapy. After data cleaning and standardization, the analysis results are recorded into the data storage platform for management, allowing subsequent data display and exploitation on the statistics display platform. The three platforms are interlinked to provide integrated capabilities for data analysis, storage and mining for the Ladder for Cancer Moonshot.